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# 2021-151
##Main objective
Develop an all in one system to automatically detect skin diseases, eye diseases and tongue diseases at initial state with an image input and verbal diseases with a voice input to prevent happening irreversible complications to humans.
###Research questions
It is difficult to pre-decide diseases discoverable from faces by ordinary people.Human skin is considered as one of the most complex organ to analyze and identify abnormalities due to its nature .
It is very expensive for people in a developing country to go to a dermatologist.Some eye diseases can occur fully or partially blindness.
Cataract, trachoma, or corneal ulcers are most common eye diseases that cause partial or fully blindness .
Impairments happen due to these diseases prevented if recognized at the initial stage. Therefore, there should be a way to identify eye diseases with user eye images.
The appearance of tongue is considered as a valuable factor in determining diseases in the body.
But determine tongue diseases by distinguishing tongue features is hard. Altering of voice quality, pitch and loudness cause some voice disorders.
Unhealthy social habits and voice abusive are the main reasons for these disorders .
People do not seek remedies for these voice abnormalities as they are unaware about the diseases.
These diseases can be directed to happen irreversible complications to people because of ignorance about the severity of the diseases.
Therefore, these diseases should be identified at the initial stage.
####Individual objectives
Sub Objective 1: Detect skin diseases - Detect visually observable skin diseases to prevent occurring severe damage to skin.
Sub Objective 2: Detect eye diseases - Detect visually observable eye diseases to prevent happening partially of fully blindness.
Sub Objective 3: Detect tongue diseases – Detect visually observable tongue diseases to prevent severe damages.
Sub Objective 4: Detect verbal diseases - Detect verbal diseases by voice inputs.
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