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Main objective:- Is to ensure that the passengers who are using public staff transport (Bus) are safe with covid and they are given the service according the government health regulations.
Main Research questions: How to deliver a safe public transport during the pandemic?
How to Ensure Passenger's health is safe?
How to build trust and motivate passengers to use Public Transport?
Individual research question
IT18145380 - How to select the perfect seat based on passenger attributes?
IT19012384 - How to manage real time tracking with the real time data?
How to do the payments through QR code with the public transportation?
IT18094664 - Interfaces to perform in-vehicle tasks while driving?
voice or manual interfaces?
IT19153728 - How to confirm the arrival of the relevant passenger and calculate the monthly fare based on the arrival of the passenger?
Individual Objectives,
IT18145380 - Provide a comfortable ride for the passenger
IT19012384 - To be able to use the time effectively with the help of route tracking.
To decrease the use of paper and cash usage by using QR payment method.
To facilitate daily activities in transportation.
IT18094664 - The main objective of this proposed research is to develop an application for the prevention of driver-related accidents and to make driver and passenger communication more efficient and convenient.
IT19153728 - The main objective of this research is marking the passenger's arrival and identify the passenger.
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