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**Look AI - Encountering challenges of visually impaired population**
***Research group** *
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (AIMS)
***Research problem***
Not being able to see, daily life becomes a big challenge for the visually impaired. Pedestrians are often forced off sidewalks that are cluttered with vendors, animals and other obstacles so walking in busy roads become even more difficult for them. The statistics of death toll of visually impaired people while crossing the roads around the globe is highly alarming. As well when climbing a staircase, it is difficult because all staircases are not the same.
Also, they need support and assistance, in the performance of various activities and especially, when reading documents, prescriptions, receipts, birthday or greeting cards, identifying currency, identifying objects, and identifying people and their emotions .
Acquired visual loss has the potential to have a profound impact on an individual’s mental health and emotional well-being. It is known that older people who experience sight loss have higher rates of depression than sighted peers, and the depression can persist for significant periods of time .
***Main objective***
The main objective of this is to propose a well-functioning and accessible system for visually impaired people which would not make them inconvenient to use the technological devices but make them more encouraged for using devices and thereby create a safe and satisfying environments for all the visually impaired community.
***Sub objectives***
I. To create and propose a system where visually impaired people do not have to fully depend on the caregiver and maintain independent educational activities and other activities.
II. To assist the visually impaired people to use their resources efficiently and effectively and increase the emotional support of the purblind community.
III.Introducing a health improvision plan to enhance the vision of the purblind community in long-term and short-term
IV. To identify and analyze the faces of the people under different circumstances and their emotions, expressions, familiarity, and other details for safety and acknowledge purblindly.
V. To ensure the safety and convenience of the visually impaired community.
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