Commit 90f37ea2 authored by Ashan Tharuka's avatar Ashan Tharuka

bowser controller implemented

parent 223267fb
......@@ -88,7 +88,35 @@ class BowserController extends Controller
return response()->json(['message'=>$message]);
// This function for delete a Bowser with User
public function delete_bowser(Request $req){
$bowser = Bowser::find($req->id);
$user = User::find($bowser->user_id);
return response()->json(['message'=>"success"]);
// This function for update a Bowser with user
public function update_bowser(Request $req){
$bowser = Bowser::find($req->id);
$user = User::find($bowser->user_id);
'name' => $req->bname,
'vehicle_no' => $req->vehicle_no,
'capacity' => $req->capacity,
'curent_location' => $req->location,
'name' => $req->name,
'phone' => $req->phone,
return response()->json(['message'=>'success']);
// This function for check given fields are empty or not
public function check_empty($name,$email,$phone,$pwd){
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